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Webinar: “AI & ML in Cyber Security” / ITMBU – International Lecture Series 2021

On 13 March 2021, I have given a webinar in the context of International Lecture Series 2021, which was performed by ITM (SLS) Baroda University (India). My webinar was about…

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Live TV Appear: BBN Türk TV – Ceviz Kabuğu / “Social Media, Social Fascism and Cyber Issues” (17.01.2021)

On 17 January 2021, we have appeared on BBN Türk TV, live TV show: Ceviz Kabuğu, which was prepared and lead by Dr. Hulki Cevizoğlu. We discussed widely about social…

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My Article on Artificial Intelligence and Future of Cyber Wars Appeared at CyberMag Magazine

My article on “Artificial Intelligence and Future of Cyber Wars” was published at the August 2020 issue of the CyberMag magazine.

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Live Webinar: “Future of Cyber Security” / ENSC, Morocco

With the invitation by ENSC, Morocco and the support by FSAC / AMRST / UCD – El Jadida / EHTP, I have given a speech on future of cyber security….

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TUBITAK 4004 – A Cyber Security Adventure (BSGM)

As managed by Dr. Utku Kose, a project supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) was realized during 2018 summer. As called ‘A Cyber Security Adventure…

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Interview to the Isparta Channel 32 News – Cyber Security and BSGM

I have given an interview to the local Channel 32 News, in the context of ‘cyber security’ and the ‘A Cyber Security Adventure (BSGM)’, a project I am managing currently….