Our International Book Project: Data Science for COVID-19

For our edited book project: Data Science for COVID-19, which will be published by Elsevier, there have been a total of 206 submissions with the authors from 37 different countries. After the acceptance / rejections, we are now progressing with the publishing side.

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2 thoughts on “Our International Book Project: Data Science for COVID-19

  1. Thank you very much for your efforts
    Thank you so much for your excellent paper Artificial Intelligence and Future Scenarios.
    Of course, my interest in finance and banking, but it overlaps with the problem of artificial intelligence.
    My problem is how used KYC (Know Your Customer) – Artificial Intelligence variable for retention customer potential of banks, but, Fintech firms are speed on the segmentation of market banking, and what about these risks.
    My best wishes

    said khalfa mokhtar brika
    University of Bisha
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    1. Dear Prof. Brika;
      Thanks for your kind feedback. It is great that you enjoyed my research. Regarding AI and its applications in finance / banking, it is important to have strong hardware for processing big amount of data better. So, that explains why some of firms are good in terms of speed. Analyze for complex, big amount of data coming our of finance / bank sectors in real time require run of advanced AI including Deep Learning and you may also be needing some pre-processing still. Thanks and all the best for your research dear Prof!

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