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The Book: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Turkish) is Out!

Our book: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence is out! It is the first academic work in Turkish, and also among one of the rarest resources in the literature. You can purchase…

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Webinar: “Artificial Intelligence and the Fuzzy Technology” / Seminars on AI and ML – İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa & İstanbul MEM

On 19 February 2021, I have given a webinar to valuable teachers from İstanbul MEM, as in the context of the seminars on AI and ML provided by the İstanbul…

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Live TV Appear: Channel 32 – Ruzinle Gün Başlıyor / “Societal Effects of the Technology” (13.01.2021)

On 13 Januar 2021, I have appeared on the Channel 32, at the live TV show: Ruzinle Gün Başlıyor, which was prepared and lead by Ruzin Azerhan. We have discussed…